Winner Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize 2015.

I pleased to announce that on Friday 27th February 2015,  I was awarded winner of the Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize. It was good to see a lot of great artwork by so many  Artists and I got to meet some of the people who’s work has inspired me, which was a huge honour. The exhibition of finalists will be on display until 27th March 2015 at the Adelaide Perry Gallery, Cnr Hennesey & College Sts, Croydon, Sydney.

Here is my statement about my drawing:-

Lee Wise Self-portrait

Over a period of three weeks, I created thirty self-portraits in charcoal and pastel. Each one an expression of how I was feeling at that exact moment. This portrait is no. 7 from that series, drawn from life, and with full creative freedom. I had no preconceived outcome, only to let my emotions run free. This portrait was the most intense drawing from that series to create, and time seemed to move as quickly as the marks that I was making. I completed the drawing in one session and felt completely drained afterwards. Once finished I soon realized that the drawing was far more than my face; the marks were representational of my personality and at the epicenter was myself.

Lee Wise Self Portrait, Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize
Lee Wise Self Portrait, Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize

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